Advice From The Ritchie's Experts

7 top gardening trends for 2024
Tropical Plant Health: Pests!
Here is a list of common houseplant pests and some easy treatments to make your tropical plants a no-fly-zone!
How to Plant a Clover Lawn
Say hello to a sustainable, natural grass alternative: CLOVER!
Neem Oil and Alternative Products for Pest Control
Here we explain the neem oil ban in Canada and alternative products for pest control.
Grow Your Own Garlic
If you’re interested in growing garlic, rather than buying it at the grocery store, you should know that your goal is definitely easy to achieve. You may grow garlic at home without needing to put in much time and effort,...
Right Tree, Right Space
Choosing the right tree to plant in your yard can take some planning, but it will save you the headache of replanting down the line.
Decoding Plant Labels
Are you overwhelmed when visiting a garden centre? Unsure what plants will grow in your conditions? WE decode the plant tags and labels for you so that you can enjoy your plants without the worry!
Botanical name: Euphorbia pulcherrima Tis the season for Poinsettia! These colourful, leafy plants appear in our stores and in our homes at this time of year; they mark the coming of winter and the many holidays we celebrate this season....
Protect Trees & Shrubs for Winter
As the nights become longer and we put our gardens to bed for the winter, we should turn our attention to our larger garden investments; our trees and shrubs. The winter elements can be tough on some trees especially those...
Leave the Leaves?
  The days are getting shorter and the trees are sporting their bright autumn colours! These show-stopping hues bring on fallen leaves, as well as the question: Should you leave the leaves or should you bag them up? Each fall...
Winterizing your Vegetable Garden
How you winterize your garden beds can dramatically increase your yields in the next season! Follow these three simple guidelines to keep your kitchen garden healthy.
Planting Fall Bulbs
The What, When, How and Where to planting bulbs this fall to get the best spring blooms! What Bulbs should I plant? When choosing bulbs, be sure to pick those that will thrive in your growing zone. Next you may...
Creating a Shade Garden
Shade gardens are a great opportunity to grow perennials that do not like being exposed to the scorching heat of summer! There are many plants that thrive in the shade and once you match your garden conditions with the right...
Planting Perennials
There is a perennial to suit every style, garden size, condition and climate: sun or shade, sand or clay, dry or moist, rock garden or cottage garden.
Seed Propagation

Starting seeds indoors is an inexpensive way to raise an assortment of bedding plants and vegetables. It is also an activity that children enjoy as well.


Attracting Hummingbirds to Your Garden
Most garden enthusiasts have spent a considerable amount of time preparing their garden oasis. Many hours can be spent pruning, planting, weeding, and watering a masterpiece of a garden. To a true gardener, this is pleasureful not tasking. By planting...
All About Fragrant Plants
Have you ever walked past someone’s yard and stopped dead in your tracks, completely hypnotized by the magical scent coming from their garden? The term stop and smell the roses means to slow down and enjoy the beauty life has...
Build Yourself a Pond: Here’s How
Your backyard is beautiful, it’s a work of art. Your flowers are in bloom and your grass is green and healthy, but you are missing something. A backyard pond can be the icing on the cake, the perfect item for...
Your Quick Guide to Pruning Hydrangeas
Hydrangeas are some of the most beautiful perennials you can find in a garden. It is important to know how to prune your hydrangeas to keep them healthy and thriving. Hydrangeas have multiple strains which require different pruning techniques, so...
3 Tips for Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden
All of the hard work you have put into making your garden a paradise can be such a rewarding feeling all on its own. But wouldn’t it be even more special if there were butterflies floating around your garden enjoying...
Your Lawn and White Grubs
The summer months are here, and that means it should be the time to show your beautiful lawn. A lot of pride can be found in displaying a perfectly manicured lawn with plush green grass, so soft that no shoes...